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Presidential Founders

Leadership. Empowerment. Vision.

David Rubright
After dedicating decades to sales (along with his own Home Improvement business), David now enjoys a full-time income in network marketing. David’s 35 years in network marketing has continued his growth and passion of connecting people and introducing them to a path of health and wealth, without trading time for money. Network Marketing has allowed him the time freedom to donate his time to his family/friends and his Texas community. David is a valued asset not only to the company but also to his peers. David has a true passion for people and life in general but caution. . . he’ll be the first one to try to take ya at the poker table.
Ray and Narine Gebauer
Everyone starts by CHASING the dream, but this couple, working together, are now LIVING the dream of financial and time freedom using our Anovite model of Leveraged Income. Ray used to be a janitor cleaning floors and toilets, and in 1994 was homeless, but through MLM, grew his team to 850,000 people, earning ten million dollars with one company—and now with Narine, is doing it again with the superior Anovite products. Deeply disturbed by the “holocaust” of rampant disease with millions tragically dying before their time, they are on a passionate crusade to educate, inspire, save and enrich the lives of one million people, both physically and financially. They believe in the “win-win” philosophy, that the more people you HELP, the HAPPIER you will be. “Mission before Money ~ People Before Profits”
Coach Macon
Marshall (Coach) Macon has been an outgoing, charismatic Network Marketer for the past decade. Coach is no stranger to business, being an Army Vet and running his own construction company for 20 years but quickly found that network marketing gave him the freedom from being tied to a construction site and employees. He has a tremendous talent of building lasting relationships and his NO fear attitude resonates with everyone he meets, a true gift of empowerment and compassion. Coach, along with his wife of 33 years are able to enjoy their 4 boys and family with the full-time income that network marketing has and allows him the flexibility to help others grow their home-based business.
M. Timothy and Robin Orth
This couple had been retired from Network Marketing for many years. Health challenges forced Robin into early retirement but she now shares a passion with Tim for showing others how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle with a flexible schedule they have successfully created for themselves. Despite being retired, the full-time income of network marketing gives them more time for family, travel, and enjoy their life living on the Florida beaches.  You’ll find Tim on the golf course any chance he gets. Robin’s devotion flows through every aspect of their business and compels them to help others in need of a healthier lifestyle and financial freedom.  A true dynamic duo!
Gino and Brandy Niccoli
This husband and wife team have combined several decades of experience in network marketing. Along with Gino’s 20 years’ experience as an international speaker and copywriter teamed up with Brandy’s direct sales background and love for technology, they developed a deep desire to teach and shorten anyone’s learning curve in network marketing. They truly value the relationships they cultivate and watching others rise to success. The full-time income that they have created with network marketing has opened their time to help others follow their dreams and spend more time with their family. When they’re not masterminding the next phase of support for their team, you’ll find them playing with cars and motorcycles on the open Arizona roads.
Darla Martini
Darla Martini, along with her husband are the founders and lead pastors of The Hub in Central Arkansas. She has been a dynamic force in the beauty industry in Arkansas since moving to the area from Southern California twenty years ago. She has spent her life as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and trainer spanning many industries and innovations. When faced with her own health issues 15 years ago she began the search for something pure and organic. With training in the health and wellness industry from her first business, she knew immediately that not only had she found the answer she needed for her and her family's health, but drawing from her business knowledge, she knew she must launch this company into her home state of Arkansas. With the help of Anovite' Darla now has ample time and finances to spend with her family, travel as a motivator and business builder for her business, and ministry. She is a firm believer team work makes the dream work and that is evident in the fast growth of her team. Her vision is to see lives changed.

Six Figure Club Each of these distributors have demonstrated a desire to build a full-time income with Anovite and have proven this desire by building a solid foundation. To be a member of the Six Figure Club, each distributor must achieve a 'Paid As Rank' of Bronze Director at least twice in the last 8 weeks.

Distributors who achieve membership into the Six Figure Club will be recognized and promoted by the company and are required to participate in such promotion as the company deems appropriate which may include travel and appearances, website pictures, bio's, etc. Travel costs would be reimbursed by the company, within reason, determined by the company. *Six Figure Club membership is NOT a lifetime rank or title and must be continually achieved for continual participation and promotion.

Six Figure Club
  • David Rubright
  • Coach Macon
  • Robin & Tim Orth
  • Ray & Narine Gebauer
  • Gino Niccoli
  • Brandy Tribble

Grand A Month Club Each of these distributors has earned at least $1000.00 in total monthly commissions, at least 2 months consecutively.

Members of the Grand A Month Club will be promoted and recognized by the company and have the option, with approval from the company, to hold meetings and do presentations using company approved materials. Costs of these meetings will be reimbursed by the company, up to $300 based on actual approved expenses and receipts.

Grand A Month Club
  • David Rubright
  • James Tagtmeyer
  • Coach Macon
  • Christopher Felton
  • Robin & Tim Orth
  • Roger Doucet
  • Ray & Narine Gebauer
  • Winder Lyons
  • Eternal Truth
  • Gino Niccoli
  • Leslie Wingert
  • Barry Ross
  • Cliff Rosang
  • Rose Alison
  • Frank Roman
  • Nick Streit
  • Victor Morua
  • Dennis Schwartz
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